Free Accessibility Training!


Although I’m currently paying thousands of dollars for my second degree, and will be paying even more for a graduate degree, I still love finding free educational opportunities.

I’ve decided to be a part of student government for my last semester. Because disability is never far from my mind, I asked the accessibility department about disability training. The advisor sent me a link to a free document accessibility on the Minnesota IT Services website ( I’ve completed the training for the word document section, but I plan on at least looking at the social media and webpage sections as well.

Being as interested as I am in accessibility, I admit to being at a bit of a loss about how to implement it into my webpage (which is now brand new!) and blogs past, including the original incarnation of Alternative Wiring. I’m sure these training sessions will be useful in the future.

For those of you who regularly make documents for a broad audience, I highly suggest you check that training out. It’s geared towards disability accessibility, but it also shows you some neat little tricks in Microsoft Word I had never known about and helps make document design in general a little easier.